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Chapter 1; small introductions

A group of girls sat, bored in their classroom, hopelessly listening the teacher’s speech about whatever. “Now students, these are dementors” the teacher, Snape, announced, casting a spell showing the students what they looked like “they will eat take all your happiness away.” The, slightly too courageous, Ravenclaw girl Lance rose her hand. “Does that mean you were attack by a dementor long ago?” she asked as a joke as the rest of the students, except a few, including her friend, cracked up laughing. Though, she remained her smirk without laughing. “You’re so dead” her friend Eden whispered to her as the rest of her friends nodded. The ginger of Ravenclaw just looked off to nowhere. The teacher just glared at her for a moment, sending her and everyone in the class to detention after school.

The class soon ended, all the girls got up, about to leave until a trio of boys came up to them. “You seriously have some guts” the boy from Gryffindor stated, pointing to Lance. The two boys next to him were in different robes, one Slytherin and the other Hufflepuff. The blond boy in hufflepuff stepped in, seeing the pissed off look from the ginger.

“What my friend is meaning to say is that you are brave” the hufflepuff boy explained. The Slytherin boy laughed. “You should be in Slytherin” he laughed, seeing Lance’s friend look at him weirdly.
“Yes?” he asked her. She just laughed. “I like your hair” Lance’s friend Ash stated. “Well” he bragged. “You wouldn’t like him” Lance interrupted. “And he’s gay” the boy from Gryffindor added.

The girls looked at one another, then back to the trio. “Can we have your names?” a hufflepuff girl, Kulsoum, asked. The boys looked at each other. “I’m Thomas of Hufflepuff” the blond boy stated. “Jackson” the Slytherin boy answered. “Angus of Gryffindor” the shortest boy there answered with an annoyed tone.
“Sorry but I know who you three are” the Ravenclaw girl Lance responded, “and I think I’ll pass the Slytherin offer.” The three boys looked at her with creped out faces. “Lance, Ravenclaw’s new quidditch captain” Angus questioned, “that’s you isn’t it?” “Might be” Lance answered, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow.
“Weren’t you that chick who was supposed to be in Slytherin anyway?” Jackson asked, putting his hand on his hip and looking at the girl square in the face. Lance pushed Jackson away from her with her hand in his face, blinking twice beforehand. “That’s weird, don’t do that” she ordered.
One of her friends tapped her on the shoulder, “we’re leaving” her friend Ella stated as the rest of the girl began to leave. Lance shrugged, “okay” she agreed, walking out with them.
“Um hello we’re not done with you!” Angus, the short one, yelled from across the room. “Yeah well I am” Lance retorted back with a laugh, shutting the door behind her.

Down the halls was where the girls walked. “Seriously you’ve never noticed them before?” Lance questioned, walking and standing out in front of the group, hands on her hips strongly and snickering to herself, “I’m the one who’s in a separate house to them after all!” Some of them giggled. “Lance, you just know people” Eden stated. “That doesn’t matter! You should have at least seen them before” Becky explained. “Lance, you just know them because you’re a slut” Ash joked. “At least I’m not a snake lady” she retorted. “Oh really?” Ash mocked.
“Can we not go on about this?” Millie asked nicely.
“Fine” Ella answered for them “did you hear about that thing that happened to a 1st year girl?” The rest of the group looked over to her. “What” another Ravenclaw girl, Madi, asked nervously. “Well this chick got a pet stuck down there and apparently she couldn’t get it out” Ella stated. Lance, Ash, and Emma began to laugh with Ella as the others just looked at them with concerned or petrified faces. “Guys” the rest of them complained.

“Did you guys know that the French school is coming around as well?” Sophia tried to pull the four into a regular conversation. “I think we all know” Lucy laughed. “That school annoys me” Eden stated. “We have a huge sport thing though, don’t we?” Millie asked. “Yeah!” Sophia responded, obviously pumped for the event “with Becky as our captain, I’m sure we’re going to win.” Lance did a joke hair flip, “well” she added, having a serious tone in her voice “we are excelling at quidditch, I'm just working on the team’s speed.” “That’s only because you’re the fastest flyer” Alex laughed. “I never said that” Lance responded with a monotone voice. “Yeah well everyone knows it,” Lucy stated in a slightly annoyed voice.

“Oi!” they heard the boy from before, Angus, yelled. The two boys he was with also came too. The girls faced their direction. “Yes?” Lance questioned with an annoyed sigh.
Angus stomped up to her, panting for a moment but began to talk. “I wasn't done with you” he finally got out.
“Is this about that whole calling out the teacher thing?” Madi asked, everyone looking over to her.
Emma gasped, “I bet he’s a teacher’s pet” Emma whispered in a laugh to the group, making the girls laughed.
“I am not!” the Gryffindor boy yelled, shocking some of the girls.
“Guys I don’t think we should piss him off” Kulsoum whispered to the group. “He asked for it” Lance retorted, having to lean back to see the rest of the group. The girls looked at each other then back to the boys.
“Okay, what do you actually want?” Lance questioned, “A fight? Duel? Advice? Homework tutoring?” The boy Angus glared at her for a moment.
“Maybe for you to be quiet in class” the boy mumbled. “Is that all?” Eden questioned. “No!” he answered. “Then what?” the whole group exclaimed.
“The sports teams, quidditch in particular” he began explaining, “you’re a captain, who’s in the top ten?” Lance thought for a moment. “I know I’m in the ten, 5 Ravenclaw students, another girl in slytherin is, um Victoria Williams I think her name is, and um…” Lance started, “and some dude named Angus Williams.”
“Yes!” the boy cheered, making the girls slightly shocked, again. “You did it dude!” Jackson cheered. “WooHoo!” Thomas smiled as the trio began jumping around like teenage girls.
The girls look at each other again, confused as to why they were so happy. The boys stopped jumping around soon enough.
“Well fuck you bitches we’re leaving” Angus announced as the trio ran off, jumping around still and high fiving each other.

“What just happened?” Caiden asked. “I think that dude stuck the finger at me for starters” Lance answered blankly. “But he’s happy about getting into the top ten.”
“But there’s no quidditch in the cup.” Millie questioned. “there’s a quidditch match before the event just to get the schools into the Hogwarts spirit,” Lance retorted, “but he seriously swore at me.”
Girls at Hogwarts chapter 1 small introductions
The first chapter of my Hogwarts story :)
I hope you like.

This chapter as a starter was a bit crummy so yeah XP
The Big Six {Character doodles} by LethalWeapon07
The Big Six {Character doodles}
New characters and some ones who have bin made before hand

(small character bios) 
(said by Lethal)

BlueBell, who’s real name was April, specialized in working with guns, she was a year older than me and taller by 3.5cms. She was a bubbly girl who got scared easily but she gets the job done, she giggles a lot in missions though. She was named BlueBell because of her hair really, that and the fact that she acted like a happy cat and wore a little bell on her clothing. We’re very different and didn’t get along originally, but once we became a team we somehow started to get along.

Dash, on the other hand, who’s real name was Anna, specialized in technology, she didn’t really use ‘weapons’ like the rest of the team but she did own a gun. She was the smart one of the team, oh yeah, Ravenclaw smart. She calmer than BlueBell and I, she and Assassin get along well since they’re both pretty calm. Dash is about 4 years older than me since she’s 18, she’s the oldest too, and the tallest, taller than me by 13cm. She started liking me when we met, she said that I was ‘an interesting human being with great talent but horrible anger issues.’ I didn’t really care that much but she did say I was good. 

Slade, officially named Jason, is about a year older than me, a few months younger than BlueBell, but was about 8cm taller than me and has a bit more muscle. He specializes with axes and got his name from it. He’s a pretty much like me, headstrong and determined, but don’t get me wrong, he’s kind until you mess with him or any of his team mates. He’s a brunet but with darker brown hair, with a similar skin tone as me. When we met we basically became close friends but we both act as if it’s nothing until one of us gets hurt. 

Trident, real name Nick, was two years older than me, three months older than Assassin and 12cm taller than me. His name comes from his weapon, a trident, he loves those thing almost as much as I love knives and Jason loves axes, we’ve been known as the weapon lovers. He looks like Finnick from the Catching Fire and MockingJay movies with blonder hair, heck he even comes from a beachy place, he’s not called a topical merman for nothing. He a funny person with a bit more humour than I, so he’s always trying to cheer me up. He’s very brotherly to me and the girl, Jason gets hug attacked so much, must be why he’s a bit grumpy.

Lethal's Bio: Lance Reboot {Lethal} by LethalWeapon07

Assassin's Bio: Assassin by LethalWeapon07


They are a team of teenage assassins/spy/secret agents (Dash is 18, Trident and Assassin are 16, BlueBell and Slade are 15, and Lethal is 14) who are from different parts of the world but have all met and became great friends. The stories are mainly told through Lethal's POV (AKA Lethal is normally the main protagonist)

I will hopefully make a mini series/comic about them.



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Artist | Student | Varied
wanna make a group

I'm thehellfirprincess, Lance or Blood Rose. I'm a Brit who lives in the Aus land called Australia. I love anime and especially yaoi. I love drawing, writing and cosplaying. Hopefully, If I get off my lazy ass, I'll start posting cosplay pics, but until then art and writing are the things I do best. Oh and I role play. Note me if you wish to rp. I love it so I would advise you asking :).

Anime I watch
-Axis Powers Hetalia
-Soul Eater
-Lucky Star
-Black Butler (sometimes)
-Junjou Romantica
-Attack on Titan (taking over my life)
-Free Iwatobi Swim Club (also taking over my life)

Movies I watch
-Sherlock Holmes
-The Avengers
-Any Marvel movie
-Any DC movie
-Rise of the guardians
-Any DreamWorks movie
-Any Disney movie

TV shows I watch
-BBC Sherlock
-Dr Who
-Adventure Time
-Young Justice
-DC shows
-Marvel shows
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Bands/Artists/Singers I love
-My Chemical Romance
-Black Vail Brides
-Marina and the Diamonds
-Panic! At the disco
-Breaking Benjamin
-Imagine Dragons


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