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(Contains: strong language)
Chapter 8
I was placed behind the other female champion, who sat nicely in a chair. But it was a bad idea, my head just peeped out from her shadow, just the top of my head was barely seen. The man who placed me there stepped back and examined the four of us, placing his hand on his chin.

“oh no, no, no,” he whined, “it doesn’t work!” He was French, or Italian, he had a strong accent, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

‘French or Italian? Italian or French?’ the question wasn’t big but it was irritating. I was pushed to the side and Thomas was now where I used to be, right in the middle of the photo. I had to look straight at the camera out in front. Every time I looked away, even the slightest, the French, or Italian, man would stop everything, walk towards me, literally grab onto my jaw bone and put my face
into the ‘proper’ position.

A lot of cameras shot a photo of us, it was awkward, my eyes hurt a little, something was in that flash because it made everyone’s eyes hurt, but my eyes felt like they were burning. The other champions moved a little bit, getting out of their positions.

I moved my arms a little, they were as stiff as a tree. The Scandinavian boy cracked him knuckles, really loudly, making the French Hungarian girl, felt a bit disgusted. (Yes I looked up her nationality, I do that with a lot of people, calm down.)

Thomas noticed, he always notices things when I was around, Hufflepuffs are good at that. “I think you’re making her a bit disgusted,” Thomas explained to the Scandinavian boy. Dane apologized; “sorry,” he laughed. Elizabeth laughed back, “it’s okay.”

I looked away to the floor, wow, every other champion seemed so nice, so accepting, even lucky. Then there was me, unlucky and rude, stalker like champion who’s younger than everyone, I was basically the reject champion or something.

Minutes passed, photos still being taken, I didn’t like it at all, it was irritating, my eyes still hurting. I flicked my wrists, I did that a lot.

But then, a women walked in, she looked, should I say, paparazzi like. She wore a shiny green dress, bleach blonde hair with glasses. I’d seen her before, whether or not in real life or somewhere else.
She pushed everyone out of the way and stop in front of us. I looked, not so much intimidated but something else, something similar but not. ‘What’s the word? What’s the word?’ I thought while she stared at us with a horrible smirk, evil looking, like some kind of mastermind.

She went to Elizabeth first, grabbing Elizabeth’s jaw line, well more or less stroked it. “What lies beneath those beautiful eyes,” the woman said to her, I looked at her with irritated eyes, Elizabeth didn’t feel right either, something just told me.

The women looked at me next. Shit… I wanted her to get away from me but she locked her eyes at me, I tried to look away, but something made me not.

“You,” she smirked at me, I wanted to run now, “what’s behind your cute looks?”
Cute?! I wasn’t cute!

She grabbed onto her cheeks and yanked at them. She raised her eyebrow, “I think I’ll take you first,” Shit. I gulped and went pale.

She dragged me by my ear towards a little room. I turned back to the other champions, they were looking at me. I mouthed the words ‘help me’ to them, but they didn’t understand.

She shoved me into the room, and came in as well. “A little cramped in here,” she commented, “It’ll do.”

Great, I mentally moaned.

She told me to sit, I did that already though. The quiet room was, as she said, small and cramped, made out of bricks, to lower the chance of sound coming out, sound proof I presumed. I looked straight at her, it was dead silent but she was writing something.

My eyes were still watering. It was irritating me so I tried to dry them off. The women noticed me doing this. “Oh, looks like champion Becky is scared of the cup,” she made her quill write that down. “I’m not crying,” I informed her, trying to be polite. “And unaccepting of her failures,” she wrote that down to I presume. “I am not crying!” I had to yell at her.

She looked at me with her leg crossed over the other. “So tell me Becky, how old are you?” she asked. “14,” I answered.



“House positions?”

“Ravenclaw quidditch captain and seeker. Hoping to be the head girl of Ravenclaw someday”

“Who’s your bigger rival in quidditch?”

“Um,” I thought, “Draco Malfoy, I guess.” I shrugged at that question though.

“Outside off quidditch?”


“Secret crush?”

I couldn’t answer these stupid questions, they were pointless. “What does this have to do with the cup?” I had to exclaim, standing up from my ‘seat’, my cheeks were burning from that question. I didn’t have a crush, I didn’t even like the idea of dating, well maybe, but that’s not the point! She looked at my mouth area, she caught sight of something.

“What’s that on your tongue?” she asked. I realised she saw something she shouldn’t have. “Nothing,” I lied quickly. “Oh, someone’s got a secret, maybe even two,” she wrote that down to. I could still fell myself blushing.

I was seriously irritated, I walked passed her and out of the little room. I finally saw somewhat of sunlight again, it was cramped in that room. I stretched a little before stomping out of the room, not even saying, or waving, to the other champions.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Chapter 7

I walked down to the dining hall with a coffee mug full of tea and a bowl of whatever the cook gave me in my hand, then sat down next to Eden, Madi, and Sophia.

“Any luck?” I asked. Sophia shook her head, “you?” “No...” I answered awkwardly.

I looked over to the other houses. Millie, Kulsoum, and Caidyn had their backs turned away from me, they weren’t exactly ignoring me or anything, they just like to sit that way.

Slytherin, Ash, Ella, and Lucy were the ones pissed off at me a little, they didn’t have their backs turned but they just glared at me from time to time.

Gryffindor, Alex and Emma didn’t even care, they just laughed at how petrified I looked when my name was drawn, but to be honest, they were petrified too!

I looked back to find the other champions, they were all out of sight, except Thomas who was getting up to leave or something. And I guess he saw me, he looked over with that ‘we actually need to go’ smile that parents give you when you’re going to an amusement park or something.

I looked back at my table before basically sprinting towards the door where he just got to, I sat about 3 quarters of the room away from the door, if that makes sense. And since he sat close to the door he would easily get to the door before me if he ran.

“Why’d you give me that look,” was the first thing I said to him. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and a smile that you give to clueless friends.

“Did you not hear?” I looked up at him, he was bloody tall! “The champions are being interviewed today, we’re free from classes, did you seriously not know?”

I shook my head. “Well we have to go, like now,” he stated as he toke off in a run, I followed behind, I wasn’t the best runner, but I could run.

I continued running until he suddenly stopped, which made me run into him and bash my nose into his back. I stepped back a little, eyes tightly close and hand holding onto my nose. “Fuck!” I had to exclaim, opening my eyes and making him, and his friends, turn around.

He looked at me, “sorry, I guess I got a bit side tract,” he tried to help. “A bit?” I questioned back at him, a hell of a lot of sass added to it.

The others in his group looked at me, there was seven other boys, the ones that act like they hate me. I thought they were in the dining hall, guess not.

Angus, the shortest though sternest and angriest looking one of the group, gave me this look, no not that kind of look! An angry, annoyed look that your parents give you when you’ve done something completely off the track. I raised an eyebrow at him and he looked away.

“Problem?” I asked him with a cocky attitude as I crossed my arms. He glared at me, just glared, nothing else.

“Angus,” Thomas laughed, making him pout and look anyway. “Why is she with you exactly?” Angus questioned, looking at Thomas but pointing at me. “We’re champions,” Thomas tried to explain. “So?” Angus snapped back, “She’s practically the enemy!”

“Bro,” I interrupted, “you do not need to get your heart strings pulled when your practical looking ‘boyfriend’ has the liberty to help someone as insignificant as me.” I laughed slightly but soon regretted it, so much, as I felt his fist collide with my face. I fell over from the impact, hitting the ground, back first.

“Angus!” Thomas yelled, very annoyed, as I looked up. The rest of them looked shocked, with wide eyes. He was flicking his hand that he punched me with, since it probably hurt in some way. I shook my head a little, whipping my hair with it. I held onto my nose again, it was bleeding.

“I had to,” Angus mumbled. “No you didn’t!” Thomas retorted. “Its fine,” I stated, “I probably deserved it.” Thomas sighed, happy that I wasn’t pissed.

“Here,” he extended his arm, helping me up again. “Sorry about him,” the other hufflepuff boy apologized, “he has really anger management problems.”

Angus turned away, sighing angrily. “Its fine,” I explained again. “Becky, you just literally got punched square in the face, are you sure?” a Ravenclaw boy stated. “I’m fine I swear,” I explained, “and how do you know my name?”

He looked at me confused, “you’re the Quidditch captain and seeker of Ravenclaw,” he explained. I shrugged, but agreed.

I blinked for a second, trying to realise. “Wait! Kevin and Ryan, one of the beaters and one of our chasers?”

They chuckled, “yeah that’s us,” the beater, Kevin, stated. I face palmed, “eh sorry, I’m out of it today and I’m forgetting important things.”

“And my name’s Lance!” I yelled out loud, just remembered that they used the wrong name for me. I hated being called by my real name, it was just weird.

I sighed.

“I don’t think I know the rest of you though,” I stated. They all realised I guessing. “I’m Isaac,” the other Slytherin boy explained, he had blonde hair, not bleached but close to it, I couldn’t really see his eyes, his fridge was covering them too much. And he looked like Draco, that’s unfortunate.

“I’m Cooper,” the Gryffindor boy said, he was the one that basically bashed me into a wall a week ago. He had a military haircut, grown out and a chestnut brown colour. Blue eyes. Not as tall as Thomas but about a half a head shorter. He wasn’t as up tight as Angus, none of them were, at all.

“Brandon,” the other Hufflepuff smiled shyly. He was, not being racist, Asian, a Spanish Asian, I could hear the Spanish accent in his voice, but also a Japanese and English tone mixed in with it. He looked shy, better yet he was. He also looked like that worried friend, but not in a bad way. He seemed nice. He had dark black hair with a quiff and had dark brown eyes.

I swear I’d noticed them all somewhere. I could still feel my nose bleeding but I didn’t know how bad it was. “Oh um your nose,” Brandon interrupted my thoughts. “Oh right,” I remembered, not really but oh well. “Here,” Thomas laughed slightly, casting a spell on my nose to make it better.

I smiled, letting go of my nose, it felt better, I could actually breathe again.

I laughed, “Thanks,” just a small token of my appreciation. Thomas smiled with a small laugh, “it’s fine,” he nodded. I looked up at the group, something was strange about them. They looked as if they weren’t supposed to be a group, too different from each other.

They must have noticed something about my thoughts, they looked either alarmed or confused by my facial expression. There was an awkward silence, like in a classroom, but worse. Looks were exchanged throughout the group and myself, side to side, forwards, casually even looking behind them awkwardly.

“I think we’d better go now,” Thomas finally broke the silence, “to the interviews I mean.” I felt a bit awkward but refused to not talk, “haha, yeah, we’d should go,” shit, what kind of a response is

I awkwardly walked past the group and tried to remember where to go, oh wait, no one ever told me, it was even more awkward!

I heard Thomas laugh from behind me, “this way,” he instructed nicely, walking next to me. I scratched the back of my head, “knew that,” I tried to be cool about it.


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I'm thehellfirprincess, Lance or Blood Rose. I'm a Brit who lives in the Aus land called Australia. I love anime and especially yaoi. I love drawing, writing and cosplaying. Hopefully, If I get off my lazy ass, I'll start posting cosplay pics, but until then art and writing are the things I do best. Oh and I role play. Note me if you wish to rp. I love it so I would advise you asking :).

Anime I watch
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-Attack on Titan (taking over my life)
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Movies I watch
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Bands/Artists/Singers I love
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-Imagine Dragons


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