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things i need to do


Ventrilimo-Picture of her and the ventriloquist/scarface from batman kissing…


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“They’re jumping!”

The wind ripped at my hair and clothes, the train was moving fast. “Wait we have to jump?” one kid behind me cried over the wind. “Yeah!” some chick next to him said back loudly, “jump or you’ll be factionless.”
We were going to have to jump, jump of this moving train, no questions.
The thought of that sent shivers through me. I readied myself to jump, about to when the girl from Amity with long blonde hair and pale skin twisted her arm around mine and held my hand.
“Can we – can we jump together?” she asked, she seemed too innocent to be here, but then I remembered, that’s what all my faction thought of me when I made the choice to be in Dauntless.
“Not if I’m not jumping with her you’re not,” someone said next to me, twirling her arm around mine and grabbing my other hand like the Amity girl. She was an Erudite girl with chestnut brown hair and olive skin.
I nodded to both of them.
“On the count of three,” the Erudite announced. Again, I nodded, not daring to look down.

“One,” The Erudite girl said loudly.
“Two.” The Amity girl said in a terrified tone.
“Three!” I shouted at (what seemed to be) the top of my lungs.

My feet no longer felt the metal of the moving train, I felt as though I was defying gravity. My hair being ripped at by the wind, I’d never felt so alive. My eyes were wide, I could tell. I was laughing, actually laughing. The Erudite girl cheered and laughed, the Amity girl exclaimed ‘whoa’ in a shocked voice, but didn’t sound scared anymore.
I landed on my feet, stumbling a bit but other than that I was fine. I let go of the two girls’ hands and stood up straight, I felt good until someone screamed.

I bolted my head around to find the source of the scream. A Cander girl was the source, her head in her hands, she continued to scream at something.
“My sister’s dead!” she cried out. Oh…
I looked over the edge to see that she was probably right, her sister, as she said, was lying face down in a pool of blood. I cringed at the sight, I never wanted to see anything like it, but alas. I guess that will be my new life in Dauntless.

“Oi!”Someone else called. Everyone turned around to see a handsome young man. “Handsome,” the Amity girl seemed to approve. “More like hot,” the Erudite shot back, smirking.
I stood next to them awkwardly, deciding whether I thought he was handsome or hot, or both. I shrugged the thought off, and the thought of the Cander sister dead came back. Erk.
I took a deep breath and counted to 3, thinking that it’ll help. They’ll be more deaths than this around here, I can’t cry about it now, not when I felt so alive 5 seconds ago.

“Next challenge. Jump off this building and into the black hole down there,” my eyes shot open. I assumed everyone else’s did too. That was insane, why did I feel so up to it then?
“What?” a non-Dauntless-born screamed at the dude.
He simply looked down at the non-Dauntless boy, but the kid probably thought that newly chosen ones wouldn’t have to do it.
Everyone started barking at the one who called upon the challenge, saying that they’ll die if they jump.

“I’ll do it,” I said loudly and casually. I didn’t realise I actually said it. I looked up at the handsome man blankly, not meaning to.

The Erudite girl elbowed me. “What the hell are you thinking?” she hissed in a whisper. The Amity girl nodded at the question.
I shrugged, “I just jumped off of a moving training, I think I’ll be alright,” I whispered back calmly.

I was obviously not thinking straight when I stepped up onto the ledge, I wasn’t even feeling scared, everyone said I always was, but something told me that I was going to be alright.

I looked back to the two friends that I had just met, well at least they felt like friends now. I nodded at them, seeing the crowd stare at me. I kept my grey over-shirt on, but unbuttoned it as if I wanted it to be for decoration. I turned back and breathed out, jumping off as if nothing was a doubt.

My feet went first, right foot extended out and left foot brought back, as if I was going to kick someone in the air. My arms were outstretched above my head, making me look like I was having fun. But my face was natural, maybe slightly focused.
The air whipped my hair back. Yep, definitely getting it cut off. As I fell through the air, I didn’t think of dying, not of breaking inside, just about me.
What haircut will I get? Boy cut for sure.
Will I get some new clothes? Yes, most definitely. I need to forget about my old faction.
Will I ever meet a man or woman for me? I didn’t care if I did or not.

I fell into complete blackness, hitting a rope-like material shortly after. A net!
I snickered to myself, my eyes open once again. I felt like I was laughing like a little baby.
I saw everyone on the roof, looking down at me, faces all screaming ‘oh my gosh!’ from here. I felt fearless.

Suddenly, a pair of hands and arm grabbed me from the waist. The person who owned the hands was at the right side of me. And when I saw their face, they were even hotter than the guy upstairs.
Whoa, I never seen anyone so handsome and attractive before. I feel like I’m paralysed.

I also feel like I’m staring too long so I look away quickly, trying to hide the blush.
“What’s your name?” he smiles over at me, “only get to choose once, better make it good.”

My mind is racing, my name was Rebecca, but I hated it so much. But what should I call myself now?
Going from brain cell to brain cell, I think as quickly as I can.

“Lockwood, Lance Lockwood,” I say, managing to smirk back at him, feeling like I have some control.

He nods, approving of me. He lets go of my biceps but he still stared at me.
“First jumper – Lance Lockwood, I think I’m going to like you,” he responds with a wink, “I love a person who’s a bit different. Call me Hound, or if you want to be really close then Sam Hunter, last names are important right?”
Divergent AU
So I just finished the first Divergent book yesterday, gonna start reading Insurgent some time tonight, but for now, have this little blab. Hope you enjoyed~
D project: In the Scorch by LethalWeapon07
D project: In the Scorch
I don't post shit anymore, I keep forgetting to....

Anyway, been loving the Maze runner series so have some OC.
Tris: D5- The Glue (left) and Kim: D7- The Leader (right) who are the leaders of group D (the second girls' group with the brains of boys) and are the Newt and Minho of the group
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Chapter 12

I heard a ‘smash’ sound from downstairs. It was loud, loud like thunder. My head rose from the pillow as I rubbed my eyes. Something was off about that smashing sound, it sounded like breaking glass. I placed my hands, one on each side of me. I looked to either side of me, it was dark, about 2 or 3 in the morning.


Wait why did I call for my dad?

I slid off my bed and extended my arm so my baby dragon could sit on it, though it also settled for my shoulder instead, like it always did. I didn’t care though, I was too tired.

I opened my door and walked out of my room, this was my old house, well mansion? Why am I here?
Old pictures I remember were still hung on the wall. They weren’t any of my mother, or even me, they were just of my dad and his friends.

The day of his switch, when he became a death eater for the first time. Him with Lucius Malfoy, Draco’s father. Him when he was at Hogwarts, riding a broomstick, he was a keeper. That was always weird to me, he was a keeper, not even the captain, yet I was the seeker and the captain. Him when he was graduating, he was a Slytherin, not a head boy.

I walked away from the photos. I walked towards the stairs, then.

Then, then I heard a scream, one that was feminie. I ran down the stairs, trying to be a quiet as possible.

I peeked my head around the door, staying out of sigh the best I can. I looked at where the scream came from.

My eyes widened. My father held onto a body, dripping blood from her head. I looked harder at the body, it was my, my mother.

Wait why was I here? Is this a dream, it felt so real I couldn’t tell!

I was so caught up in thought that when I heard my name get call, I was shocked. I looked back up, Lucius Malfoy was there too, with his son, Draco, and his wife.
My father dropped the body onto the cold ground.


I turned around and tried to run, until something got caught on my collar. It was Lucius’ walking stick. I turned around again. I was about to use my Pastel tongue abilities, until I tripped over from walking backwards.

I looked at myself in a nearby mirror. I wasn’t a child, I was my age, why did my father kill my mother again? She was already dead, how was she back.


I was shocked, that didn’t sound like my father that sounded like, like. And plus, my father never calls me that. Who could it.


My eyes shot open. It was Eden. Just Eden, thank god. Sophia and Madi had already left I guess. Oh right It was Tuesday, three days away from the Quidditch match against Slytherin.

“Hurry up Becky, we’re going to be late for breakfast,” Eden informed me. I slammed my head back into my pillow.

“I’ll meet you there,” I informed, she nodded in agreement. “Okay see you down there then.”

I groaned, unable to care about being late to class, I just wanted to sleep. But all I could think of now was that dream, nightmares never came to me, but when they did, they meant something…But what?
Chapter 11
“Lally,” I was looked over to my left, it was the group of boys, even Thomas was there. I looked down to them. “It’s Lockwood!” I yelled but continued to walk down.

I was at the top of the small hill Hogwarts had, they were obviously at the bottom. I walked quickly down the hill, small rocks and sticks got kicked to the side, I wouldn’t call it running, just quick walking.

“You’re late,” Angus stated angrily, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow. I laughed, partly because of the fact he could guess the reason why I was late, he was there to see why anyway. “Dude,” I finally spoke, snickering slight, “you know the reason why I’m late.” He glared at me for a moment, “well you shouldn’t have gotten into trouble then,” he grumbled.

I looked up towards his, much taller, friends. “Does he always act like this?” I asked. They all shook their heads, shrugging their shoulders a bit, pulling faces to match.

“But dudette,” Jackson grinned, “what you did was awesome!” He and Isaac gave me thumbs up, like proud parents that I never got. Some others nodded in agreement,

“It was hilarious,” Cooper remarked. Ryan and Kevin looked up into nowhere, wanting me to acknowledge them or something. I smiled, “and thank you Ryan and Kevin for teaching me that spell!” I felt like exclaiming that.

The others of the group turned to them, “seriously?” Isaac questioned with a grin. Ryan and Kevin laughed, “We’re just as bad as you,” Ryan stated. “And plus, we decided it would be nice to teach someone a spell or two,” Kevin added, winking at the rest of the group, including me.

“Good work guys,” ANGUS actually smiled and commented. That was the first time I’d ever heard him happy. I was a bit stunted but laughed as well, I could tell these guys were different from other boys, they were nicer, not afraid to show real emotion, I was amazed how quickly I picked that up, but also, how slowly I picked it up as well.

“So,” I finally spoke again, “what do you need to show me? And please, rape doesn’t work out too well for a second impression,” I winked. They looked back at me. “It’s something important,” Ryan explained. “And we need to talk to you about something,” Brandon stated. I nodded.

The boys turned around, walking towards the forest. I looked side to side, It was getting darker, I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to be here, I mean outside at this time of night. I ran a little to keep up, ending up walking next to Brandon, the other Hufflepuff, I soon remembered that he’s a chaser in the HufflePuff Quidditch team.

They walked into the forest, Thomas walked in front, insuring that if he got hurt, no one else would, he seemed like a leader of the group, he reminded me of someone, I couldn’t put my finger on it though.

I had to step over a few tree roots and broken off branches. Cracking wood sounds filled up the boys’ and my eardrums, it was almost awkward, no actually it was just awkward, no questions…

“I think we’re almost out of this area,” Thomas finally announced, I almost wanted to praise him for saying that. Everyone, well from what I could see, nodded. It was getting darker, so dark that I could only just see everyone’s outline.

I felt softer ground, just mud and dirt, no branches or roots anymore. Thomas looked over at Ryan, who nodded and walked over to me.

“Becky,” “Lance!” “Right,” he started again, very awkwardly… “Lance, this might sound alarming, and vaguely shocking for a 14 year old, but this is you and Thomas’ first challenge,” Ryan informed. I looked over to my right, I heard roaring noises, loud roaring noises. I looked, it was, dragons! Not like my pet dragon, like big dragons, fully grown ones!

“Dragons?” I exclaimed, “You mean adult sized dragons?” I questioned (very loudly) darted my arms in the direction of the creatures.

“Yes…” Ryan awkwardly answered in a scared voice (after flinching at my movement as if he thought I was about to punch him.)

I stared back at the dangerous, yet so fascinating creatures, breathing fire angrily.

“Duck!” Cooper yelled. I basically ducked as soon as heard him in order to not get burned by the flame.

I blinked quickly as Cooper got up to check everything was alright.

“Clear,” he gave us a thumbs up. They all laughed, even Angus, again?! And picked themselves up, Ryan asking if I needed help.

“No I’m fine…” I said, getting off the ground quickly and brushing myself off, just like everyone else. They all looked at the dragons again.

“Just came from Romania,” Ryan informed, “help of the Weasley family, you won’t happen to know that?” I looked over to him again. “I’m not from the Weasley family,” I explained.

The group suddenly bursted out laughing (which made me jump, then get a bit annoyed.)

“You certainly would be mistaken for one,” Cooper retorted as they all laughed, it was true though, I was called a Weasley the first time I met people like Draco.

“So are you from a Ravenclaw family?” Kevin asked more seriously. “No, I’m actually from a Slytherin family,” I sighed as I got strange looks from some of them.

“Wouldn’t that mean you’d be in Slytherin?” Thomas asked, sitting down on the ground, as did the others. “I guess,” I responded with a shrug, sitting down in the circle that we’d formed just then, “but the sorting hat is never wrong.”

Thomas nodded at that. “You know what,” Jackson laughed, “we don’t know much about you Lance, is there anything important?” “What like blood types or something?” I asked, they laughed slightly at my answer.

Cooper thought out loud for a moment, “Actually, we’ve never talked about our blood types in this group,” he remembered. “Really?” I asked with an eyebrow raised, they all nodded, slightly embarrassed, “well then you can start.”

Basically they were all pure, except for Thomas and Ryan, who were half-bloods. “I’m actually half blood,” I smiled with a shrug, “my mother and father were wizards, my mother was a mud blood but my dad was a pure blood, and by biological blood types, that makes me half.”

They all nodded. “Never knew that was the way it worked,” Cooper laughed. “That’s just the way I guess,” I smiled.

“So you’re smart,” Jackson tried to deduce. “You could say that,” I responded with a laugh. “But she plays Quidditch,” Ryan added. “Captain and seeker,” I shrugged.

“What kind of smart?” Cooper asked, “because obviously you’re not exactly academic smart.” I paused for a second, glaring at him. “Well thanks…” I responded, “but I guess I’m more of an arty, logical and also supernatural smart.” I shrugged.

“Supernatural smart?” Angus questioned. “Yeah like anti-possession spells, symbols, exorcisms and stuff,” I said almost too casually for them. They literally gave me these scared eyes. “Do you know like anti, anti-possession spells?” Thomas asked in a concerned tone. “Yeah,” I just said out loud.

They literally backed UP! (Well except Thomas and Brandon, they seemed to be interested…) As if I was actually going to possess them, I could...but as if I would. “I’m not going to possess you,” I stated with a sigh, “plus if that was going to happen I 1) would have to tie you up or something and 2) take THIS off.” I stated, pulling up an anti-possession symbol necklace (called a pentagram) to show them. “Can’t exactly possess someone whilst wearing an anti-possession symbol around their neck.”

The boys slugged back and thought for a moment, until an idea shot into Jackson’s head.

“What about your group?” he asked. “Do they act like you, or are they different?” “Very different if you ask me,” I laughed. “How different?” Angus raised an eyebrow, his arms crossed. “Oh, some of us act similar, but we’re all different, don’t know why we’re friends,” I explained.

“Sounds like us,” Jackson stated, they all started to snicker. “So true,” Cooper added. “Maybe we could all get along then, if we tried,” Kevin recommended. “Yeah,” Ryan agreed, turning to face Kevin.

They all thought for a moment, goofy smiles still locked onto their faces.

They looked back at me. “Listen,” Thomas finally said, “we’re sorry for kinda, you know, coming up to you and talking rudely to you.” They all nodded in an agreement.

“Guess you’re all just as stupid as me,” I smiled, flashing my teeth slightly. “Very funny,” Angus responded, adding a fake laugh with that.

“Say. You guys are 7th years right?” I asked, just to make conversation. “Yeah,” Kevin stated, “some of us are head boys even.” I raised an eyebrow, “Thomas by any chance?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow. Thomas smiled, “how’d you guess,” he laughed. “And Kevin too,” Angus informed, turning his head to face Thomas. “I was about to say that,” Thomas laughed nervously. “And I knew that,” I added.

I looked at them both, something was different about these two, like a different relationship, they didn’t look at each other the same way as they looked at the others. I didn’t know what to call it, I didn’t even know what it was.

“So did you guys get a pass or something to be here at this time?” just as I asked, someone toke a step from behind me, I turned around and backed away as best I could, still sitting down.

We looked up at the figure, it was…Hagrid! I sighed in relief, if that was Snape or Mrs McGonagall I would have been dead.

“God Hagrid,” Cooper laughed, “you scared the crap out of us.” I laughed too, “I was scared that Snape would come out here?! Why would you do that anyway?”

“So what were you trouble makers doing out in the woods at this time?” Hagrid asked, sitting down in his chair. The nine of us just stood up, just one way to show off our heights if you ask me, “and what are you doing with Miss Lally over here? Did she get lost?”

“After how much trouble she got into today, I don’t think she could get anymore lost,” Jackson commented as he and Isaac began to laugh.

“That was a risky move you made today,” Ryan commented. “Well you know,” I retorted, “interviews annoyed me enough, and then he comes along and bothers me, no way am I taking shit from him.” “You’re clearly not going to last long if you can’t handle one interview,” Kevin reminded me.

“Well you kids are pretty crazy for being out here, especially as there are dragons around,” he paused and thought, “I shouldn’t have said that should I?”

“We know Hagrid, it’s okay,” Thomas assured. “Plus we have to face them soon,” I added. “That’s right, you two are champions,” he exclaimed getting up and hugging the two of us.

“As I’ve heard,” I commented with a lot of sarcasm. “No need to be a smartass,” Hagrid laughed.

He let go of us. “You kids best be off,” he recommended. Thomas nodded, “and would it be possible if you don’t informed the other teachers about this?” he asked.

“Of course,” Hagrid assured, pushing us out of his little hut of a house. “Thanks Hagrid,” the boys said in sync. I gave them a strange look but laughed it off.
Girls at Hogwarts chapter 11 that's my what?!
sorry it was a day late, kinda was a bit busy with stuff but new chapter every Wednesday :)


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